Work Programme 3

Staff for Work Programme 3 and 5

Developing a core outcome set for people with dementia living at home in their neighbourhoods and communities

The Work Programme is led by Dr Siobhan Reilly at Lancaster University with Dr Hazel Morbey, Dr Andrew Harding  and Dr Faraz Ahmed based at Lancaster University and Fiona Holland at Manchester University. Co-investigators include Professor Alistair Burns, Professor David Challis, Professor Linda Davies, Dr Ingrid Hellstrom, Professor John Keady, Professor Lars-Christer Hydén, Professor Ira Leroi, Dr Caroline Swarbrick, Professor Paula WilliamsonDr David Reeves.

  • WP3 is a registered study with the COMET initiative
  • Ethics approval granted by:
    • Lancaster University
    • Wales Research Ethics Committee 5, Bangor