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The ESRC / NIHR Neighbourhoods and Dementia study is part of the suite of studies that form part of the Prime Minister’s 2012 Challenge on Dementia. It is a five year research study [1 May 2014 – 30 April 2019] and is framed around people, spaces and places. The study has the following overarching aims:

  • To address the meanings, experiences, and structure of neighbourhoods for people living with dementia, their care partners and other in-contact-groups and individuals
  • To learn from the process and praxis of making people living with dementia and their care partners core to the research agenda
  • To encourage innovative technological advances in dementia studies and in the development of a neighbourhood model of dementia
  • To build capacity within the research community and the networks of people living with dementia and their care partners
  • To develop the evidence base, methods and measures for understanding the significance of neighbourhoods for people living with dementia and their care partners
  • To create, test and evaluate interventions that are pertinent to a neighbourhood model of dementia

There are ten investigator organisations: The University of Manchester (lead), University of Liverpool, Lancaster University, University of Salford, University of Stirling, University College London, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, British Deaf Association, Centre for Dementia Research [CEDER] at Linköping University, Sweden.

There are twenty-seven named co-investigators with these 10 organisations. There are three full-time programme-linked ESRC PhD studentships, two situated in the north west of England and one in Scotland and 2 PhD studentships offered through CEDER. The study has health economics, statistician and information technology support throughout its duration.

There are fourteen project partners: Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA), Age UK Salford, Alzheimer Scotland, Finerday, Forth Valley NHS Board, Greater Manchester Public Health Network, Hazel Blears, Manchester City Council – Public Health Manchester, Manchester Informatics (formerly Manchester mHealth Ecosystem, NHS Commissioning Board Greater Manchester, North West People in Research Forum, Salford City Council, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Scottish Dementia Working Group.

There are eight inter-linked work programmes.