Update from the Manchester field site

Here at the Greater Manchester fieldsite we are also immersed in the intervention phase of our research project. We have been exploring different practical applications based on our main research findings. These themes are developed from the stories that participants in the study have told us relating to what is important to them about living with dementia in their neighbourhoods. The five headline themes are: Staying Connected; Routines and Habits; Acts of Kindness; Reciprocity; and Staying In.

We are engaged in the evaluation of two neighbourhood projects that support people living with dementia to continue to do ordinary things in the neighbourhood. These are the Dementia Dining Group, and the Paws for Dementia Dog Walking Group. Both projects are delivered through Open Doors and funded through Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust. For more information on either project, please contact Cath Riley.

Paws for Dementia Dog Walking group
The Paws for Dementia Dog Walking group

We are also working with some of our participants to find ways to retell their stories in creative formats. Together with an illustrator, Domenique Brouwers, we have created a series of graphic comics titled Dementia and Everyday Life. The first comic in the series will be out very soon and here you can see an example of the illustrative work.

graphic comic image about dementia and everyday life
Image from ‘The Newspaper’, a graphic comic about dementia and everyday life

Andrew and Sarah recently presented some of our findings at the British Society of Gerontology Annual Conference which was held here in Manchester at the beginning of July. We will continue to write more articles and give more presentations about this research in the coming months. We will also carry on working alongside our participants to tell their stories in creative ways and develop informative materials about living with dementia in the community.