Collaboration with Work Programme 4

We are currently collaborating with WP4, who will facilitate the pre-feasibility testing of the app and review evaluation questionnaires. This collaboration provides WP4 an opportunity to explore the contents of the guide to investigate if the preliminary findings from their dataset are reflected in the guide and if some of the questions raised during the analysis being addressed by this couple-management guide app. This partnership is aimed to provide reviews from both researchers and couples who are external to WP6 team.

Staff from Work Programme 4 and 6
Staff from Work Programme 4 and 6


We have just finished the filming for the app in Sweden and in Manchester. The films are based on interviews from couples living with dementia and are intended to promote recognition and reflection in couples that will be testing the application through the feasibility study.

Couples video made in Manchester
Image from a Manchester video
Swedish film team
Therése and her film team in Sweden