Work Programme 1: Impacts and Outputs, Dec 2015

Using a range of creative social research methods, each Member Involvement group is currently in the process of designing their own projects (facilitated by the Work Programme Lead):

Open Doors (Salford) – ‘The Changing Face of Our Neighbourhoods‘ utilises film and historical materials to explore and express changes in the culture, community and environment of Salford. The group is also putting together a Neighbourhoods Story Card and Memory Box.

Scottish Dementia Working Group (Glasgow) – ‘Developing ‘how to…’ guides for dementia care researchers‘ to help equip researchers with the practical know-how to undertake researcher alongside people living with dementia.

EDUCATE (Stockport) – ‘Whose audit is it anyway?‘ focuses on the lived environment of people living with dementia, exploring how effective audit tools are in everyday life.