John Keady – trip to Tasmania

Between the 27th June –1st July 2016 John Keady was invited to the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, University of Tasmania, Australia to take part in an intensive week-long programme. During this time, John was filmed on dementia friendly community work for the University of Tasmania’s free Massive Open Online Course [MOOC] on understanding dementia, which last year reached over 70,000 people around the world and had the highest completion rate of any dementia MOOC in the world. Once editing has been completed and supporting learning materials written, the filming will lead to a more community orientation of the understanding dementia MOOC; John was also able to talk about the ESRC/NIHR Neighbourhoods and Dementia programme grant as part of the interview and the work going on here in Manchester and across the UK/Sweden as part of the Neighbourhoods study. During his time in Hobart, John undertook an evening public lecture with simultaneous transmission on Facebook [the video reached 1,993 Facebook users and 401 users viewed the live stream/video], completed an early morning radio interview and had a interview about the Neighbourhoods and Dementia study/dementia friendly community work published in the Mercury newspaper for Tasmania as well as lead and complete a 6 hour workshop with Centre staff.